California Statute of Frauds: What is a Signature?

We used to know what a signature is – a name scrawled in ink on the last page of a contract. Signatures are required by the California Statute of Frauds to enforce contracts to sell real estate. But now – with most real estate … [Read more...]

San Diego Airbnb Rules

Like many cities, San Diego is uncertain how to handle short-term vacation rentals in residential neighborhoods. There are over 6,000 short-term listings in the City on Air BnB and similar sites. On one hand, San Diego wants to tax … [Read more...]

Floating Docks: California or Federal Law

Ever wonder if the floating docks in San Diego Bay are governed by California law or federal admiralty law, or if they are real or personal property? Suppose you want to sell a marina – how do you transfer title to a floating dock? Do … [Read more...]

California Easements: Implied Road Easements

There’s hardly a property in San Diego’s rural East County that doesn’t have problems with road easements, either easements across the property to access a neighbor’s or across a neighbor’s to access the property. What happens if a … [Read more...]